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Tak toto je moje kompletní sbírka všeho co se týče The Doors, máte-li o něco zájem nebo vám cokoliv nebylo jasné, kontaktujte mě a nějak už se domluvíme :)


Alba (Audio)
2-Strange days
3-Waiting for the sun
4-Soft parade
5-Absolutely live
6-Morrison hotel
8-An American prayer
10-Tribute studio 99
11-Apokalypse now
12-Best of CD1
13-Best of CD2
14-Without a safety net
15-Break on through (compilation)
16-Band favourites CD1
17-Band favourites CD2
18-Band favourites CD3
19-Band favourites CD4
20-Other Voices
21-Full Circle
22-Weired senes inside the gold mine
23-Light my fire (USSR compilation)
24-Niegel Kennedy and Jaz Coleman: The Doors concerto
25-The Cure: Hello I love you
26-Alabama song (compilation)
27-Boot Yer Butt CD1
28-Boot Yer Butt CD2
29-Boot Yer Butt CD3
30-Boot Yer Butt CD4
31-Alive she cried
32-All hail the American night
34-Essentials rarities
35-Mystic man: the soft parade uncut
36-Rare Divers
37-Stoned Immaculate
38-Missing tapes
39-Ray Manzarek: Nite city
40-Robby Krieger: Idolatry
41-Robby Krieger: Instrumental The End

-Perception box set 1
-Perception box set 2
-Perception box set 3
-Perception box set 4
-Perception box set 5
-Perception box set 6

Koncerty (audio)
42-Live in New York CD1
43-Live in New York CD2
44-Concert 1972
45-Live at the Matrix club
46-The Riot show
47-In concert
48-Live at the Aquarius theathe 2nd performance
49-Live in Houston Coliseum
50-1968-1970 Live
51-Lizard king (Live in Seattle)
52-Live in America
53-Dallas Memorial auditorium
54-Liquid night
55-Unplugged Hendrix
56-Live at the Isle of Wight festival
57-Live in Detroit CD1
58-Live in Detroit CD2
59-Live la forum
60-One hundred minutes CD1
61-One hundred minutes CD2
62-Live in San francisco 1967
63-Ultimate Seattle
64-VH1 Storytellers
65-Live at Toronto
66-Live in Honolulu
67-Mineapolis Bootleg
68-D21C: Live in Hollywood 2003
69-Westbury music fair
70-Live at Winterland Arena
71-Toronto pop festival
72-Live feel the blues
74-Rare live bootleg
75-Live in San Diego
76-Live in Philadelfia
77-Live at Pacific national exhibition 1
78-Live at Pacific national exhibition 2
79-Live at the Boston arena
80-Live at Boston Back bay 1
81-Live at Boston Back bay 2
82-Live at Seattle center
85-Live at Long Brach
86-Live at the Cleveland
87-Live at the Felt forum
88-Live at the Roundhouse. London
89-Live in Amsterdam
90-Live in philadelfia complete
91-New york felt forum
92-Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison
93-Gloria Forum
94-Live at Danbury 1
95-Live at Danbury 2
96-Live at San bernardino
97-Live at San Diego Celebration
98-The End-Apocalypse now
99-Who do you love – Japan
100-Live at the Hollywood bowl
101-Live at highway school
102-Stockholm 1968
103-The Spy Jazzy
104-Varosity Stadium
105-Unplugged Hendrix and The Doors
-Live at Beat club 1972

106-The lost Paris tapes
107-Stoned but articulate I
108-Stoned but articulate II
109-Ray Manzarek: The myth and reality
110-No one here gets out alive I
111-No one here gets out alive II
112-No one here gets out alive III
113-No one here gets out alive IV
114-Poetry session
115-The ceremony continues
116-Isle of Wight interview
117-Jim Morrison: Dionysus
118-Live poetry

Videa (video)
Adagio Several garden
Backdoor man
Break on through
Crystal ship
Europe document
ghost song
Hello I love you
Light my fire (promo)
Light my fire
Not to touch the earth (promo)
Not to touch the earth
Open Doors document
Peace frog
Spanish caravan
Strange days
Take it as it comes
A tribute to Jim Morrison document
Break on through
Jim Morrison interview
Light my fire
Light my fire (Ed Sullivan)
Live at Hollywood Bowl
Moonlight drive
PBS critique concert
People are strange
Riders on the storm
Roadhouse blues
Unknown soldier
Video arresto Jim Morrison
The Doors at TV
VH1 Storytellers concert 2001
The End
Break on through (Scott Weiland and The Doors)
Tingthrope ride
Touch me
Wild Child
Wishful sinful
Concert with Led Zeppelin
In the eye of the sun
Love me two times
Tightrope ride
Im horny Im stoned
Ships w/ sails
Ships w/ sails false start

Nikdo to tu nepřežije – Životopis (Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman)
Divočina – Sbírka básní (James Douglas Morrison)
The Doors: úplný průvodce hudbou skupiny (Peter K. Hogan)

Soundstage Performance (Live at Toronto, Europe and PBS Critique + interview)
VH1 storytellers 2001 (with Scott Weiland, Travis Meeks, Ian Asthbury, Scott Stapp…..)
The Doors film by Oliver Stone 1991 (Val Kilmer, Meg Ryan, …)
Live at Hollywood Bowl (When the musics over, Light my fire, The Hit Dwellers….)